Penelope is donating all proceeds from her daily paintings created throughout March 2021  


Beautiful marine art which captures and reflects all the surrounding colours.


A vibrant selection of natural and built environments, captured in Penelope's distinctive and colourful style. 


A diverse range of modern floral curves and colours. Loosely painted to create a sense of freedom and bring life to these stunning bouquets.

Card 9 Anemones.jpg

Famous for her fowl and farmyard birds this collection encompasses the everything you would expect from Penelope and more

Card 17 A Plunging Of Gannets.jpg

Distinctive characters in their own right, Penelope's animal paintings seem to have personalities which jump off the canvas. 

Card 6 Prickle.jpg

Interiors scenes from Penelope's home studio. Captured with colour and flair which bring these everyday images to life.